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What is the most important piece of advice you'll share with your children?

To respect all other beings and yourself.


How do you practice self care being a Mother?

I think I've just become more gentle with myself on a regular basis rather than a specific routine. I allow myself to live a little slower and not stress as much. 



What advice would you give a new Mother?

Don't be hard on yourself. You can only do your best and give as much love as you possibly can to your child. 


How do you find balance between work/ being a creative and motherhood?

Its tricky!

At the moment because he is so small still (6 weeks) work is a lot of stop and start but I just try to be patient and work always comes second!

What is the best motherhood advice you were given?

My mum came from Sweden two days after I gave birth and I said to her "I don't know what I am doing!" Her advice was give your child love, and then more love, and then even more again and everything will work out. I thought that was absurd! How is love going to teach me how to change diapers or to soothe my child when my milk hasn't come in yet and he's hungry?? But she was right!! If you do everything with love when it comes to your child you cannot really go wrong!   


What surprised you most about being a Mother?

How much I enjoy it. I don't know if I just got very lucky with such an easy baby or if other people have been telling me horror stories but I was prepared for lots of crying, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and I haven't gotten that at all. I enjoy every single second. Pure bliss.


What is the most important thing your child/children have taught you?

The power of infinite and unconditional love. 


What pieces are on your Sacred Bundle wishlist?

The Zali Buffet!


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