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What to Consider When Shopping for a Bassinet Online in Australia

Shopping for a bassinet online in Australia can be overwhelming for any new parent. Our cane bassinets feature a wide range of benefits while meeting safe sleep guidelines. The luxe look and feel of our French-inspired collection will suit any nursery, and our designs ensure that you can find the right style to suit your lifestyle.

With added storage, a rocking element, and an open-aired basket for easy viewing of your baby, our bassinet is the ideal place to lay your little one down for a nap.


Tips Regarding Cane Bassinets in Australia

Consider these features when shopping for a rattan bassinet.

  • Functionality: A bassinet with added features, such as a storage tray underneath the basket, will save you time searching for essential items. You can place spare nappies, wipes, and a change of clothes under the basket for quick access in the middle of the night or when you move the bassinet into another room. Our Woven Sunrise and Louie Bassinet both feature cane storage solutions.
  • Movement: Gently rocking your baby to sleep as they lay in their bassinet rather than in your arms saves you from having to transfer your sleeping bundle and risk waking. Our Dream Time Basket and rocking stand is the perfect solution as you can gently rock the curved base. 
  • Portability: A portable bassinet gives you the freedom of putting your baby down for a nap in places other than the nursery. Our cane bassinets include the advantage of being lightweight, which makes them easy to move around your home. Our Dream Time Basket also gives you the option of detaching it from the stand so that you can easily take just the basket on holiday or over to a friend’s place when your baby needs a safe place to sleep.


    Benefits of Rattan Bassinets

    Our luxe, handmade essentials feature multiple benefits.

    • Open-air concept: The open-aired basket top, viewable in our Oval Sunrise design, allows fresh air to flow over your baby while they rest in the bassinet. You can easily view your sleeping bub from across the room. Our bassinets come with a hypoallergenic, sanitised, firm foam mattress
      with a soft cotton cover that we’ve designed to fit the basket snuggly and minimise gaps.
    • Compact: A compact bassinet is ideal for saving space in a nursery. Our designs are lightweight, compact, and will help you to create a beautiful nursery without taking up too much space in a room.
    • Added storage: Some of our designs come with a storage tray underneath the basket. As your little one outgrows their bassinet, our cane material and French-inspired design make these cute baskets the ideal toy storage solution for any child’s room.


    Why Trust Sacred Bundle Regarding Handmade Baby Bassinets?

    We provide exceptional customer service and quality baby products.

    • Unique, handcrafted designs: We design our unique bassinets in Australia, then they are handcrafted to our specifications. We produce French-inspired luxe essentials that are suitable for homes of any style.
    • Natural materials: Our artisans in North Africa, Eastern Europe, and South-West Asia handcraft our bassinets using Grade A natural rattan materials with no added chemicals. We let the natural materials express their slight imperfections, which adds to the beauty and uniqueness of each design.
    • Meet Australian safety guidelines: We know that your bundle’s life is precious, which is why we fully adhere to the instructions for safe sleeping in bassinets.


    Why Is Sacred Bundle The Right Choice?

    A safe place to sleep for your little one is vital, and our luxe designs meet Australian safety requirements for your complete peace of mind—something that every parent needs when placing Baby down for a nap. We use the highest-quality natural rattan material to handcraft our bassinets and ensure that there
    are no nasty chemicals or stains that could cause discomfort to your child.

    Our emphasis on quality and safety means that your baby will be sleeping in one of the safest cane baby bassinets in Australia, a treasure that is sure to remain in use for new siblings, too. Browse our collection of French-inspired bassinets or contact us with your questions.


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