Rattan Nursery Furniture

Find Something Special in Our Range of Luxury Rattan Nursery Furniture

We all want the best for our little ones – why not start from the minute they arrive? Choose from our wide selection of beautiful handmade rattan nursery furniture to create that extra special space. From cribs and bassinets to changing tables and storage, you will find everything you need and more at Sacred Bundle.


Benefits of Bohemian Nursery Furniture

Bohemians have their unique style and vibe, as does your nursery furniture. Every item that we produce a product, it follows the stringent Australian Safety Guidelines. Your baby’s safety is of paramount importance, and we reflect that in our design.

  • Our beautiful nursery furniture is versatile. The natural colours blend in beautifully with any colour scheme, and the artistry used in making a piece makes each one a focal point in any nursery.
  • Each piece is practical. While it’s understandable for you to want a beautiful nursery for your bub, it is equally vital that it’s functional. Softer edges and natural finishes all add to the aesthetic.
  • No two items are quite the same. Although the basic design remains the same, using natural elements to hand make each piece means that there will be subtle differences in colour and texture. No two babies are ever the same, so why should we expect their furniture to be mass-produced and generic?


        What Sets Sacred Bundle Apart Regarding Nursery Furniture in Australia

        Everything is designed in Australia and then handmade in various locations throughout the world – from North Africa to Eastern Europe to South-West Asia. None of our items is mass-produced in huge factories. We are conscious of ensuring that our designs promote fair trade and sustainable development.

        • We have travelled the world to find unique, natural materials and vintage textiles to use in our exclusive handmade collection.
        • We take pride in staying ahead of the trends so that our collection is always fresh. 
        • Although you can view some of our collection at our showroom on the Gold Coast, our items are available for purchase exclusively online.

             From luxurious Moroccan fabrics to rattan and woven cane changing baskets, the exclusive range we offer would be a welcome addition to any home.


            Why Rattan Nursery Furniture is Cost-Effective

            Our use of natural materials can often mean that our range is more durable. We don’t use toxic paint that can chip off and look worn or untidy. Rattan is also reasonably lightweight when compared to more dated wooden or metal versions of nursery furniture so that shipping costs can be lower. It is easy to store and transport – and don’t forget our commitment to sustainable development and fair trade.

            Please get in touch with us so we can show you how we can help you to create a fantastic space in your home, ready for the arrival of your newest member of the family.