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Vintage Bassinet

Our Vintage Bassinet Is Naturally Perfect for Your Little One

Within each of our Sacred Bundle designs, a vintage bassinet offers you both choice and quality with natural fibre. We are fortunate to be able to use our passion for beauty to create something so special for your baby.


A Short Buyer’s Guide to a Vintage Baby Bassinet

Several factors will influence your choice as you find the perfect fit for your little darling, including the right visual appeal and complementing your décor.

  • Size is important. You want a bassinet that is big enough to allow your little one some space for free movement. Some of our bassinets are large enough to fit twins while remaining very light in weight.
  • Lightweight bassinets make it easy to move your baby with the basket without disturbing your baby.
  • Lightweight design doesn’t mean light quality. You want your baby to sleep safely and soundly and so do we. We take the utmost care to ensure that our bassinets offer your baby peaceful sleep. We include a hypoallergenic sanitized foam mattress with all our bassinets.

          When we design our bassinets, we take care to accommodate every need that you might have to protect and nurture your newborn.


          Related Services We Provide to a Vintage Cane Bassinet

          We supply a wide range of magnificent natural décor pieces for your home, including the perfect cane or vintage rattan bassinet.

          • Cots are the next step for your little one as soon as he or she outgrows the bassinet. We offer exquisitely-designed cots available to view in our showroom or in our online shop. Our cots are easy to assemble and made with care from natural materials and fibres.
          • Feeling the texture of natural fibre contributes to the sensorial development of your little one. We supply a range of nursery toys for your baby to use to explore, feel, and play.


          What a Customer Stands to Lose If They Don’t Use Sacred Bundle

          At Sacred Bundle, we are overjoyed that we can share a little love with your new family. We have travelled far and wide to uncover only the perfect materials for all of our items. We source every item with care for little ones, and you can rest easy knowing you are amidst chemical-free, natural fibres. With every item handmade, our dream is to spread a little care from the makers’ homes to yours.

          You can join the journey with your new family. Contact us and introduce your family to our exceptional natural options today.


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