Zoom Boujad Rug T9.
Zoom Boujad Rug T9.

Boujad Rug T9.


These beautiful Rugs will make for perfect play mats for your little ones and great props for your nursery!

Morocco is well known for beautiful and original hand-woven rugs made exclusively by the women in Berber tribes, the weaving is a reflection of their creative independence and age-old traditions and beliefs.

The Boujad rug originates from the Boujad region of Morocco. The rugs can feature asymmetrical patterns and free-form shapes based on the tribal symbols and motifs used in wool carpets, such as lozenge, small squares and chevron shapes. All of these rugs are a unique piece of art were the weaver shares snippets of their everyday life or a story through symbolism and choice of colours.

Dimensions 210 cm x 124 cm.


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