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Zoom Max Linen Bassinet Sheet Clay

Max Linen Bassinet Sheet Clay

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Max Linen's beautiful bassinet fitted sheet or change pad cover are woven from 100% Pure Flax linen grown in Europe. They stonewash every piece with volcanic rocks to ensure your linen is buttery soft, flexible and ready to snuggle up in. Linen is naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic and breathes extremely well, this is why linen has that 'cool touch' feel, it is also one of the most sustainable fabrics in the textile industry.
Lay your precious newborn baby down to sleep on our bassinet sheet for the first few weeks of their lives. Then when they are ready to transition into a cot use it as the cover to your change pad. Max Linen are passionate about the environment, where they can they love to make their products have multiple uses.

Key Features

- 100% French Linen
- Max Linen is 165-170gsm, Linen does not have a thread count, Max have tried and tested different gsm weights and firmly believe the 165-170gsm is the ideal weight for bedding. 
- Machine washable
- Stone washed, buttery soft and ready to use
- Hypoallergenic 
- Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) & OEKO-Tex certified


45cm x 85cm x 18 cm
Due to the size of the gusset these sheets will fit our larger mattresses, they will be a snug fit.

Care Guide

Always follow the care instructions on product labels.
Reduce wear and tear by rotating your sheets for a fresh set every week.
We recommend using a eucalyptus-based detergent on your linen products as they are gentler than other detergents, we love Eco Store which can be purchased at the supermarket.
If using a top loader washing machine, wait until the detergent is fully diluted before putting your Max Linen in the washing machine. Detergent that is undiluted can stain the fabric.
Do not use bleach and optical brighteners. They will damage the Linen fibres as they are way too harsh for the pure linen ranges.
A warm, gentle machine wash (40 degrees) is the optimum temperature to wash Max Linen.
Don’t overfill your washing machine – Rinsing the detergent is an important part of the washing cycles. For this reason always wash on a full cycle with a full rinse. This prevents any chemicals building up on the fibres.
Always follow the instructions on the care label for tumble drying. Line drying is recommended, if this isn't possible a low temperature tumble dry is ok. Tumbling on a low heat until 95% dry then air drying for the remaining 5% is best.
Ensure your Linen is completely dry before packing away your Max Linen in the cupboard.

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Max Linen Bassinet Sheet Clay



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