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About Us

The love story of Sacréd Bundle begins in 2014, against the canvas of Barcelona, Spain. It was here that co-founders Brooke and Guill embarked on a journey, initially as co-workers, which would later evolve into a relationship, a business partnership, and ultimately, the joyful journey of parenthood with the arrival of their own precious bundle, Nash.
Reflecting on those early days, Brooke recalls, "We met while working on the yachts, and I had my eyes on Guill from the moment we stepped foot on the boat."
In the wake of their first shared kiss, a vision blossomed. Ever since, their creative energies have intertwined, driving them towards the creation of their most exquisite collections.
Fueled by their shared passion for design and entrepreneurship, Brooke and Guill embarked on the journey of crafting hand-made rattan nursery furniture. Fast forward five years, and the company has evolved into crafting solid timber furniture, expanding the Sacred Bundle collection. This evolution showcases their deep appreciation for natural timbers, intricate grains, and responsibly sourced materials.

Throughout their journey, Brooke and Guill have always held quality in the highest regard. Every piece within the Sacred Bundle collection is meticulously designed and handcrafted using the finest materials and hardware available. Their timeless designs give rise to heirloom-quality pieces, meant to be cherished and passed down through generations.      


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