Hey Guys!
Welcome to our growing Sacréd Bundle Adventure!


Our journey began when we first met in France in 2014. Sacréd Bundle was originally Brooke's brainchild as she had been dreaming of designing a unique nappy bag for years. Unfortunately, just as for everyone "real jobs" tend to get in the way of our dreams and as time passed by, still no nappy bag!
And now for the good part!
It didn't take long after our first kiss to decide that this was something we wanted to do as a couple and since then, this project has brought our creative minds together to deliver our best!
Little did we know that this journey would take us across the world in search of all natural materials and truly special vintage textiles bringing together a very unique and exclusively handmade boho inspired collection of Mum and Bub accessories!
We take pride in supporting local communities in North Africa, Eastern Europe and far eastern countries as well as the Bay of Bengal and South West Asia.
Our goal as a business has always been focused on promoting fair trade and sustainability. We sincerely hope that in time, our presently small contribution to the development of these communities will grow and that we may some day play a more significant role.
Thanks for reading guys!
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Mucho Love!
♥ Brooke&Guill.
Very special thanks to Michelle and Brendan Wright, Gerard Marchand and Pierre Francois Fillet for their unwavering support!!
We'll make you proud.