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Natural Handmade Rattan Nursery Furniture

Our natural handmade rattan furniture is ideal for giving your little one’s room a chic, timeless elegance without compromising on safety or comfort.

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Using Rattan Furniture In Your Little One’s Room

Your child’s bedroom should be a reflection of the love you and your baby share. It should be safe, warm, and comfortable; a little retreat for your child to sleep, grow, and play. When choosing furniture for your little one’s room, you’ll want materials that promote calm and healthy development. At Sacred Bundle, we have a range of natural handmade rattan furniture good for your children’s well-being and development. The presence of wood and rattan in a child’s room mimics the effects of spending time in nature, providing your child with the right environment for stable growth. If you’re wondering how to integrate kids' rattan furniture into your nursery, the Sacred Bundle team has a few suggestions. 

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6 unique ways To use rattan in your child’s bedroom

Rattan is such a versatile material; the ways you can incorporate rattan nursery furniture are truly endless. Here are just six ways you can use rattan in your little one’s bedroom.

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  • Storage baskets. There’s no better place to keep books, toys, and clothes than rattan storage baskets. They conceal the clutter, leaving the room looking light, airy, and peaceful.
  • A bassinet. When parents-to-be think of rattan baby furniture, the wicker bassinet is the first image to come to mind, and for a good reason. It’s a simple, timeless, stunning addition to any nursery, and it can be passed down through the family as more branches are added to the family tree.
  • A pendant light. It’s not the most obvious way to incorporate natural materials into your child’s room, but rattan pendant lights cast a soft, warm light, creating a nurturing, safe atmosphere.
  • Wall decor. If you have empty wall space, rattan decorations will look incredible. Whether it’s a wall unit for storage or simply for decoration, rattan wall decor will add a touch of boho whimsey to any child’s bedroom.
  • Toys. Rattan toys help little ones develop cognitive processing, imagination, and gross and fine motor skills. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing no harmful chemicals or stains were involved in manufacturing your baby’s rattan toys.
  • Tables and chairs. To foster imaginative play and creativity, it’s always good to have a space for your child to create. Rattan tables and chairs provide children with a blank canvas; is this a craft corner? A place to play tea parties? A space to read? The possibilities are endless.

If you’re looking for natural handmade rattan furniture good for children’s and babies’ rooms, browse the range at Sacred Bundle.

At Sacred Bundle, we take great pride in our range of premium-quality, bespoke furniture. Our natural handmade rattan furniture is ideal for giving your little one’s room a chic, timeless elegance without compromising on safety or comfort. The textures, colours, and lines of our stunning wood and rattan furniture create a naturally soothing ambience perfect for everything from nap time to playtime. So, if you’re looking for kids' rattan bedroom furniture in Australia, browse the range at Sacred Bundle.


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