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Sacred Bundle’s Guide To Caring For Rattan Bassinet

Rattan furniture makes for a stunning addition to any home, and it’s a particularly special touch in the nursery. The natural textures and colours make the space soothing and warm, and the unique shapes and designs carry a certain whimsy that other materials just can’t replicate. Like all furniture, rattan needs a bit of care every now and again. With the correct maintenance, your rattan bassinets, cribs, dressers, and change tables can easily become a piece to be handed down between generations. As specialists in rattan baby bassinets in Australia, Sacred Bundle are here with a few pieces of care advice to help you make the most of your rattan furniture.

Caring for your rattan baby bassinet

Whether you’ve purchased a baby bassinet for yourself or ordered one as the perfect all-natural gift for a new mum, you’ll need a few tips and tricks to keep it looking its best for years to come.

  • Keep your nursery dust-free. Any baby bassinet, rattan included, should be kept free of dust for the baby and for the long-term care of your bassinet. An air purifier in the room will help keep your nursery free of dust for longer.
  • Wipe it down weekly. Wipe the rattan surfaces with a clean damp cloth once a week to remove any stubborn dust or marks. Warm water should do the trick, but a mild furniture cleaner or some vinegar may be needed for tougher stains. Make sure the rattan is dry again after, as prolonged periods of dampness can promote mould.
  • Use a toothbrush for hard-to-reach places. Sometimes, there are areas of rattan furniture that are harder to clean. A toothbrush should work to remove any dust from those difficult spaces.
  • Don’t leave it in direct sunlight. If your nursery has lots of natural light, try to find a corner of the room that doesn’t get direct sun. Too much sunlight will weaken and bleach the rattan’s natural fibres. If some direct sunlight is unavoidable, try rotating the furniture regularly to prevent partial bleaching.
  • Don’t drag the bassinet. If you need to move your bassinet, don’t drag it along the ground, as this can cause stress to the fibres. You can buy rubber protectors for the feet or bottom of the bassinet to prevent this kind of damage.

 For more advice on caring for rattan bassinets, cribs, and other pieces of nursery furniture, talk to the team at Sacred Bundle.

At Sacred Bundle, we take great pride in our range of premium-quality, bespoke furniture. Our natural handmade rattan furniture is ideal for giving your little one’s room a chic, timeless elegance without compromising on safety or comfort. The textures, colours, and lines of our stunning wood and rattan furniture create a naturally soothing ambience perfect for everything from nap time to playtime. For advice on maintaining rattan bassinets or to purchase a rattan bassinet in Australia, get in touch with the team at Sacred Bundle.

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