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Explore the Sacred Bundle in store exclusives

Sacred Bundle In Store Exclusives

Our Byron Bay Showroom offers an opportunity to explore our best selling pieces as well as shop a curated selection of in store exclusive brands.

Sacred Bundle In Store Exclusives

Danish designer Kay Bojensen became world-famous for creating wooden toys that were simple, solid and inspired children to play. With more than 2000 pieces to his name, Kay Bojesen was one of Denmark’s most prolific artisans in the 20th century. He is best known for his playful and cheerful monkeys.

Sacred Bundle Showroom Exclusives

Village for Mama is a unique and deeply loved postpartum recipe book. Each book includes 30 recipe gift cards with a pre-written letter explaining the importance of the postpartum period and the essential role loved ones play through providing nourishing food and shaping a new mother’s experience.

Sacred Bundle In Store Exclusives

We are gommu is a mother/daughters project born out of need of creating sustainable, safe and biodegradable toys. Gommu which means rubber in japanese is strongly inspired by the nippon culture and each of the products reflects the core values of the brand, all gommu babies are 100% biodegradable, handmade with care.

Sacred Bundle In Store Exclusives
Mammae is an Australian mother centred-care brand, cultivating slow, conscious, and considered breastfeeding rituals through an elevated and concise edit of self-care products, purposefully curated to nurture the emerging and established modern mother.
Their signature eco-luxe collection transcends routine into ritual, weaving together safe, effective, and essential lactation and wellness support, lending close attention to the womanly art of breastfeeding, honouring the importance of self. 
Sacred Bundle In Store Exclusives
The Senger goose is a soft and cuddly toy that doubles as a weighted toy and a gentle heat bag for children. 
The weight of the organic spelt husk filling acts to provide a calming effect and give your little one much-needed sensory feedback.  The perfect combination of warmth and weight in a soft toy.
Sacred Bundle In Store Exclusives

Created in Poland, the Moonie bears are a unique sleep aid range that can help assist your little one in settling and allowing a more restful sleep. The bears come complete with integrated non-computer generated, real recordings of natural pink noise and a 5 light option system.

Sacred Bundle In Store Exclusives


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