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Mama Muse- Kel Day

Mama Muse- Kel Day

Kel shares a raw and honest conversation about her motherhood journey and how  her work and home life has been represented as an ever changing shifting and tipping scales. We also get a look into her son Danny's room styled as a Sacred Bundle haven featuring our Zali king single bed, large teak truck and Palma storage basket set.

Tell us about yourself…

Hello, I'm Kel, I live my dream life on the Gold Coast with my sweet family and I feel so privileged every day to quiet simply, be me. I'm a qualified Special Education teacher, currently taking time to delve into my creative passions, shooting families under 'Fond Photography' and running our business 'The Gentleman'. Doing so also allows me to be with our son Danny, my favorite human in the world. 


What is the most important piece of advice you'll share with your children?

That, although it takes courage and vulnerability, the best thing they can ever do, the best thing they can ever be, is exactly who they are in any given moment.

How do you find balance between work/ being a creative and motherhood?

Oh I DO.NOT. I once heard life described as a set of scales as opposed to a balance and it resonated with me. No given day or week is ever 'balanced' for me in that regard, it is instead, a constant, ever shifting, flow, or tipping of the scales. And that sounds beautiful, and it is beautiful, but there is chaos, and there is stress, and there are deadlines, but that's all part of the motion.  I think the moment I try and have set times and events, I feel pressure and I lose touch with the moments unfolding, so I work when I can, I play as much as the days allow, and in between, I've managed to keep a happy household that has clean clothes and food on the table, so for me, right now, it works.  


What is the best motherhood advice you were given? 

It's a simple one, "Do what's right for you and your family". I feel as though this is more something I've learned along the way, as in the beginning you bet I was googling every move I made, but as the seasons quickly passed I guess I got more comfortable trusting my intuition, and not necessarily doing 'as they say' and gosh I'm glad I learned that one sooner rather than later.



What is the most important thing your child has taught you?

Moment's pass, and you don't get them back, so there is nothing more precious than being present. 


What pieces are on your Sacred Bundle wishlist?

Oh, everything, honestly. The Zali Buffet and The Teak Train have my heart. 

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Hello Kel ! Love your styling, could you share where the shaggy rug is from also?
Thank you :)

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