Rattan Baby Furniture

Shop Quality Rattan Baby Furniture for Your Nursery

Preparing for the arrival of your little bundle is an exciting time, and our rattan baby furniture makes decorating your nursery fun and easy. From bassinets to cots, play gyms, and rattan changing tables, we offer a wide selection of beautiful, unique, and high-quality handcrafted items that will suit any style of home. We design our products in Australia, and then they are sustainably crafted by artisans around the world.


When Looking into Unique Baby Furniture, Consider This

Consider these tips when buying items to furnish your baby’s nursery.

  • Measure your space: With all the cute baby furniture options out there, it is easy to get carried away and impulse-buy an item that catches your eye but is too big for your room. Ensure that you measure your space and carefully plan out where essential items, such as a bassinet, cot, and drawers, will go before adding in your decorative furniture. Accurate measuring is especially critical if you are welcoming multiple births as you may have to incorporate two or more cots.
  • Create storage: Babies may be little, but they require a considerable number of items for their care, all of which can take up a lot of space. Invest in quality furniture that is sure to last as your baby grows, such as our Ziggy buffet, which will give you ample storage for clothes, nappies, and other essential items. You can also look for pieces that are dual-purpose, such as our bassinets and change tables, which feature a storage tray underneath.
  • Get coordinating pieces: Our online store makes it easy for you to select all your nursery furniture from a collection of matching drawers, bassinets, handmade wicker baskets, cots, change tables, and more. By crafting all our products with natural material, we ensure that you can add in more co-ordinating items, such as toys and play gyms, as your child grows.


      What You Can Expect from Sacred Bundle Regarding Handmade Cradles

      We provide excellent customer service and high-quality, handcrafted products.

      • Unique design: We design our unique products in Australia, and they are exclusive to our company. We promote fair trade and sustainability with our designs as they are handcrafted overseas by our talented artisans.
      • Meet safety guidelines: Our bassinets, cots, and sleeping baskets meet the recommended Australian safe sleeping guidelines to give you peace of mind every time you put your little one down for a nap.
      • No added chemicals or stains: Our products feature only natural materials such as Grade A rattan. As rattan is a plant product, its natural imperfections give our products are unique look which only adds to their beauty. We don’t use any nasty chemicals or stains on our furniture to remove associated health risks.


        Why Should You Use Sacred Bundle?

        We abide by Australian safety guidelines for all our products. We design our unique products in Australia before they are handcrafted by local communities in Eastern Europe, North Africa, and South-West Asia.

        Our company supports fair trade and sustainability. Contact us today to order your unique luxe baby essentials.